How to transfer your templates to another store

In this article, you’ll learn how to export and import your GemPages templates and blocks so they can be used in different stores. This feature allows you to transfer the designed templates from one store to another which helps you to save time in building and redesigning your pages.
This feature is available for all paid GemPages plans - Build, Optimize, Enterprise (not including the Shopify development store).

Save templates in the Library of the original store

Before we start, there is a quick note that GemPages should be installed on both stores. For more information, please check out the GemPages website.


Step 1: Access the page you want to export content from the GemPages Dashboard.


Step 2: Ensure that the latest version of the template will be used for export by clicking on the “Save” button on the top right corner of the Editor page.



Step 3: Hit the three-dot button and select “Save Template to Library”.



In case you would like to save only a block or an element, just right-click on it and select “Save to Library”.



Step 4: A pop-up would appear like below. Hit “Save” your current template to the Library.


Transfer templates between two libraries

Step 1: After saving the template, you will be redirected to the “My Library” section of saved templates and blocks. Select “Share Library” then. 



Step 2: Select the templates you would like to transfer by checking on the right side boxes and hitting the “Next” button when finished.


You can choose a maximum of 10 templates and blocks to export at one time.




Step 3: Fill in the required information for the Title, Message, Add target store sections, and then hit the “Share item” button.   



You can transfer the templates to multiple stores at a time with a maximum of 5 stores per month.

Verify your activity

Step 1: Next, a sharable link will be generated and sent to your Shopify registered email. Please be well noted that your shareable link will expire after 24 hours.


If you would like to change the registered email, navigate to your Shopify Admin > Settings > General and update the new email address in the "Store contact email" field.


Step 2: Click on the link in your mailbox. The opened window will ask you to enter your destination store domain. Please enter your store domain and hit “Login”.



Import templates

Step 1: After you log in successfully, select “Accept” to import the template to the library of the destination store.


After that, a confirmation box will show up. Kindly click on “Okay, I got it” to finish.



Step 2: Now the template is available in the library of the destination store, you can go ahead and insert the template to use as below.



That’s it! Your shared templates are now available for use in multiple stores in just a few steps. You can also check out our tutorial video below.



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Should you have further questions about the topic, please let us know directly via email & live chat to have them answered! If you would like to learn more, check out GemPages Blog!

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