How to hide Header and Footer

On some specific types of pages, you might want to hide the Header and the Footer to further draw the attention of viewers to the main content. For all pages created with GemPages, you can hide or show the Header and Footer with just a click.


When creating a new page

When you create a new page of any type, you have the option to show/hide the Header/Footer section.

Toggle the “Header & Footer” switch on will show the Header and the Footer while flipping it off will hide them.


For existing pages

Step 1: From the GemPages’ Dashboard, go to the page type of the selected page.

Step 2: Select the 3-dot icon in the selected template. The status of the page’s Header and Footer is already displayed, select “Header and Footer” to edit.



Step 3: Similarly to when you create new pages, a new window will appear, toggle the switch to show or hide the page's Header and Footer.


Step 4: Hit the blue “Save” button to save the change you’ve just made or "Cancel" to discard. The system will update your page and the status after a split second.


And there you have it! Hiding the Header and Footer used to require coding, but with GemPages, leave the hard part to us and focus on design a stunning page! For any further assistance, please contact our GemPages Support Team via email or live chat.


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