How to display a 3D Model on your Product Module

In this article, we will learn how to display the 3D Model on your Product pages using the (P) Image element.


Step 1: Go to Shopify Admin > Products, then select a product to edit it.



Step 2: Scroll down to the Media section; from here, you have two options to add a 3D Model to your product:

  • Upload from your device: Click "Add" to select the file to upload from your computer or drop it into the area.
  • Add from URL: Paste the URL into the field and save it by hitting "Add file".

Visit this Shopify article for guidelines on themes that support the display of 3D Models. For the 3D Model file types supported by Shopify, check out this link instead. 

Step 3: Go to the GemPages Dashboard, select one of your pages, and enter the Editor via the “Edit” button.


Step 4: You can quickly find the (P) Image element on the left sidebar of the Editor, under the Product section. 


As a child element, the (P) Image element should be located in a Product Module to work correctly. Drag & drop the Product Module, then nest the (P) Image element inside if your page doesn't have them.



Step 5: Click on the (P) Image element to view its configurations in the left sidebar. 

Under the Product Image > Display section, select “First 3D Model from Shopify Admin” from the drop-down menu.



That's it! Don't forget to Save & Publish to bring the update to your live page.


Should you require any further assistance, please contact our GemPages Support Team at any time via email or live chat.






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