How to check whether your A/B Testing is working

In this article, we will go through the steps on how to check if your A/B Testing campaign is running or not.
When an A/B Testing campaign is running, the two pages that are being used will not be available for editing via the Editor. To edit pages that are being A/B tested, you will have to stop the campaign. The campaign can be restarted afterward.



Method #1: Open the test URL multiple times by the incognito window

Step 1: From the Gempages Dashboard, click on “A/B Testing” from the left sidebar and select your preferred campaign.

Step 2: Hit “Copy” to copy the Test URL to your clipboard.



Step 3: Open a new incognito window. 


Since A/B Testing works by randomly showing two versions of your page: the Original and the Variation one. Access the Test URL through the incognito window several times. If you can notice both versions appear, rest assured that your A/B Testing campaign is working perfectly.

You will need to close the previous incognito window and open a new one each time you access the test link. 

Method #2: Check the Original and Variation Page IDs

Before we start with this method, you will need to find the Page IDs of your Original and Variation page by following these steps. 

Step 1: From the Gempages Dashboard, locate the page that is being used for the A/B testing campaign. 


Step 2: Click on the three-dot button and select the “Preview” option. 



The Page ID would be the number after "?preview=" on your preview page's URL. 


Next, come back to Gempages Dashboard, click on “A/B Testing” from the left sidebar and select your campaign.


Step 3: Under the Test URL section, hit “Copy” to copy the URL to your clipboard.



Step 4: Open a new incognito window to access the Test URL. Right-click and select “Inspect”


Step 5: Under the Application tab, locate the Cookies section in the left sidebar and choose the correct link. 

Next, input the search term "state" into the search bar. 


The number under the Value column will match with the Original or Variation Page ID you collected previously.


Step 6: Double click to select the number and replace it with another Page ID. After that, hit “Refresh” your browser, another version of the Page will appear.



If you switch to a new theme when the A/B Testing is running, the campaign will stop working. In that case, please restart your campaign by hitting “Stop Campaign” and “Start Campaign” again.


That's it! If you need further assistance, please contact our GemPages Support Team via email or live chat.  

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