How to create a Buy It Now button

This article will guide you through the steps to create a Buy It Now button that skips the Cart page and goes straight to the Checkout page using the (P) Cart Button element.


Instead of just adding the product to the shopping cart, you can immediately redirect customers to the checkout page right after they click on Buy It Now. This is a well-known tactic to win sales fast and effectively.

Below are the steps for you to create a Buy It Now button.

Step 1: Go to the GemPages Dashboard, select your page and enter the Editor.

Step 2: In the Editor, select the (P) Cart Button element

Step 3: Under the Settings tab, enable Ajax Cart.

Step 4: Select More Settings > Checkout tab.

Step 5: Edit the Button Text field and change it to “Buy It Now”, or whichever text you prefer to fully express the meaning of the button.


Step 6: Hit "Save" and "Publish" to push the changes to your front store.



There you go! Check out how to make a Sticky Cart button in this article and if you need any further assistance along the way, our GemPages Support Team is here for you.
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