How to display the Shop Pay Installments banner on your product page

This article will show you how to add the Shop Pay Installment banner on the GemPages' product pages.

About Shop Pay

Shop Pay is a Shopify payment method that allows you to pay in full at checkout or split your purchase into recurring payments using Shop Pay Installments. Shop Pay Installments is an option for orders starting at USD 50 when available. There are no hidden costs, interest rates, or late fees, and your credit score will not be affected.


By showing the Shop Pay Installments banner on your product page, you can inform your customers about this type of payment on your online store to increase the conversion rate.



Activate Shop Pay

Before we start, you will need to activate Shop Pay as your payment method first. Please check out this article from Shopify for the instructions step by step. 

Integrate Shop Pay With GemPages

Step 1: From the GemPages Dashboard > Product Pages. Select your preferred page to edit.


Step 2: Drag and drop a Liquid element from the left sidebar to your page and put it right under the element (P) Price or any position you wish inside the Product Module.



Step 3: Right-click on the Liquid module and choose “Edit code” to open the code panel.



Step 4: Copy and paste the code below into the Template tab. Click on “Save.”


{{ form | payment_terms }}



When everything is in place, hit “Save” then “Publish.” That’s it! You are all set with the Shop Pay widget that helps you increase sales and win new customers.


Need more help? Feel free to reach out to our dedicated GemPages Support Team via email and live chat!

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