Font Troubleshooting


This article covers all basic troubleshooting for common issues with fonts in GemPages.


My store is not using the custom font I uploaded

There are two reasons that might cause this.

#1: Your page has not been re-published after you updated the font.

Solution: Please go to the page's Editor and click "Publish".

#2: The custom font in use is copyrighted. Fonts are considered software and each font come with a free or paid license that explains how you may or may not use it.

Solution: If the font you are using requires you to purchase a license, consider buying it or switching to another font.


My selected font in Shopify does not show in the Editor

In order to secure intellectual properties and make sure the fonts are used for the right purpose, some fonts are protected by Shopify and will not show under other domains that do not belong to Shopify (in this case, GemPages).

Solution: Despite not showing up in the Editor, the font still functions completely fine and will display on your front store once the pages are published.


My font shows incorrect styles

This issue happens when the selected font is missing Regular (400) and Bold (700) styles.

Solution: Please contact our GemPages Support Team so we can help you.

Click here for more on designing with GemPages. Should you need any further assistance, our GemPages Support Team is always here for you. You can contact us via email or live chat at any time.


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