How to mark products as Sold out with the (P) Swatches element


In this article, we’ll explain to you the two mechanisms you can choose in the (P) Swatches element to automatically recognize and mark your product as sold out and grey out the Add To Cart button.


Step 1: Go to the GemPages Dashboard, select your preferred page, and enter the Editor using the “Edit” button

Step 2: Drag & drop a Product module, then a (P) Swatches element to your chosen position.

*Skip this step if you already have these on your page.

Step 3: Click on the (P) Swatches label to start configuring it with the left sidebar.


In the Sold Out Mark section, you can choose from 2 logic options in the drop-down menu to determine when the Sold out mark will be displayed.

Logic 1: A swatch is marked as Sold out only when all variants related to that swatch are completely out of stock. Swatches are checked and marked one time only along with the first page load.


Logic 2: All swatches are constantly cross-checked with each other. A swatch is marked as Sold out when it is combined with other swatches and together form an out-of-stock variant. Swatches are checked and marked each time customers select a swatch.


Take this as an example with our ice cream product, all three variations (Bar, Cup, and Container) of the Dusty Chocolate flavor are out of stock:


  Pink Vanilla     Dusty Chocolate     Sweet Caramel
Bar Available     Out-of-stock Available
Cup Available     Out-of-stock Available
Container Available     Out-of-stock Available

If Logic 1 is selected

The Dusty Chocolate flavor swatch is greyed out. When clicked on, the "Add to cart" message will change to "Sold out" no matter which Type swatch you choose. However, the Bar, Cup, and Container Type swatches are not greyed out since they're still available in other flavors.


If Logic 2 is selected

The Flavor swatches and Type swatches will work in combination with each other.

The Dusty Chocolate swatch is greyed out all the time because the flavor is not available in any type. Only when Dusty Chocolate is selected that the Type swatches (Bar, Cup, and Container) grey out.

When Pink Vanilla or Sweet Caramel is selected, all Type swatches once again become available.

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