How to use the Text Field element

In this article, you will learn about the Text Field element and how to use it.

What is a Text Field element?

Text Field is the child-element of Contact Form and can be found in the left sidebar dashboard on the GemPages editor page. This element allows you to create a field for customers' messages. Besides Contact Form, this can be placed in other modules for different purposes, for example, letting customers customize their products or leaving some notes or messages for orders


Settings Tab's Parameters

Name: This needs to be filled out in order to be recognized by Shopify when the message is sent. The format of Name will change depending on which module the Text Field is located. Ex: within a Contact Form, the format is contact [...], meanwhile, properties[...] for Product module.

Please kindly note that this element will not work properly if you completely delete the value of the Name field.
    • The below demonstration will give you a better understanding of this parameter.

      The Text Field was dropped into a Product module, which gives customers a chance to leave a note to the seller.