How to add Ultimate Sales Boost to your store

This article will show you how to install Ultimate Sales Boost (USB) and insert their sale boosters into your pages using GemPages.

Ultimate Sales Boost (USB) by Hextom is a wonderful app that helps you increase sales by creating a sense of scarcity, urgency, and trust. Now, we are happy to see that the app is already integrated with GemPages.


You can easily add USB’s unique sale boosters to your page by dragging and dropping the widget as a native element of GemPages without touching the custom codes.


Step 1: Install Ultimate Sales Boost from the Shopify app store.


Step 2: Access our Library by hitting the icon Library on the navigation bar of the editor.



Step 3: Go to the Elements tab and search for Ultimate Sales Boost.



Step 4: Click on the Element and install the app to the Editor by clicking on the Add Element button. (we will insert an Image after having a good design for the detail page)



Step 5: Drag and drop the USB element from the left sidebar to the Product Element or Product List Element in the  Editor. Be noted that the app only works on Homepages, Collection Pages, and Product Pages.



Step 6: Pick the type of sales booster you would like to have displayed on the left sidebar of the Editor.




GemPages supports 8 types of widgets from Ultimate Sales Boost:

  • Message
  • Get-it-by Timer
  • Buy X Get Y (BOGO)
  • Countdown Timer
  • Stock Inventory Number
  • Trust Badge
  • Advanced Trust Badge

Here are  the rules when displaying USB on GemPages:


1. Combination:




2. We can not put the same USB widget type on the same Product Element, GemPages will not allow us to publish the page  and show an error message like this:



All set. Now you can save and publish your page with Ultimate Sales Boost and try to see how it works with GemPages on your live store. If you're interested in exploring more third-party apps that directly integrate with Gempages, you can check out this link. Otherwise, you can always integrate other apps to Gempages by our Liquid element. 


Feel free to contact our support if you need further assistance. We're always happy to help! 



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