An introduction to GemPages

This article will provide you with a glance at all the best things GemPages has to offer.

What is GemPages?

GemPages is an intuitive drag & drop page builder you can use to create visual-stunning, high-converting, and SEO-friendly pages of all types and purposes. We are compatible with any Shopify theme and come with an extensive library of elements, templates, integrations, and sales boosters.


Drag & Drop Editor

GemPages offers you an intuitive drag & drop editor. Just find your wanted element, drag it into the page and customize the look and function. What you see is what you get.


Templates & blocks library

The GemPages Library is packed with 65+ templates and 100+ blocks applicable in just one click.


Responsive web design

GemPages provides you absolute control over web design no matter which device: desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile. To have a deeper look at the responsive feature, you can refer to this article.


Sales boosters

Based on marketing tactics, we have created empowering elements such as the Countdown Timer, Stock Counter, Popup, etc., to boost your engagements, sales, and conversion rates.



GemPages works perfectly with Meta Pixel (previously called Facebook Pixel), and Google Analytics and integrates with 30+ top Shopify apps for you to create the most well-rounded online store.


Custom code editor

With GemPages, you don't need to know a single line of code. However, if you're familiar with coding - even more power to you. 

GemPages supports styling all elements using the Code panel, which allows you to modify the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript of any element.


Check out this article about custom coding to level up your page visually.


The Dashboard and the Editor

The Dashboard is the home of your GemPages. From here, you can design and manage your pages, configure your account and get product updates. For an overview of the GemPages dashboard, you can check out this article.


The Editor is where you will build, edit, and manage your pages. You can access the library of elements, integration, pre-built blocks, and templates to design and structure your content here. Click here for an overview of the GemPages Editor.



Support Channels

If you need any help, feel free to browse through our Help Center, Youtube channel and GemPages Blog for detailed guides and tutorials. 


We also provide email and live chat support available 24/7. Our email address is, and the Live Chat button can be found at the bottom right of the GemPages Dashboard, GemPages official website, and on this Help Center.

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