Page Actions: Save, Preview, Publish, and more


This article will help you understand and distinguish the functions of the Save, Preview, Publish, and more page actions in the top right corner of the Editor. in the Editor. For a full overview of the GemPages Editor, please visit this article.




Every time you hit the “Save” button, all your changes will be saved to the cloud server, available for future editing.


If you exit the Editor before saving, you will be asked whether to save or discard the changes you've made.


 Clicking “Save” regularly during your editing session is a good practice to ensure you don’t lose your progress.



After clicking “Save”, you can hit the “Preview” button to see how your page looks before publishing.


 Some features and effects do not function in the Editor. For the most accurate presentation of your live store, please go for the page Preview.



When you are happy with everything, it’s time to publish your page and to bring all the changes to the front store.

When you hit “Publish”, there will be a few more options based on the type of the current page.

For Product Pages, Collection Pages, and Homepages:

  • Template Name: Edit the page name right inside the Editor.
  • Lazy Loading (for Business and Advanced plans only) switch to turn on the Lazy Loading feature.
  • Make Default or Discard Default buttons to set or remove the current template as default.
  • Publish: The final action when you’re done with all the above settings.


For Sub Pages and Blog Posts:

  • Template Name: Edit the page name inside the Editor.
  • URL and Handle: Edit the page’s URL handle when published
  • Meta Description: Edit the meta description displayed on the page listing.
  • Lazy Loading (only for Business and Advanced plans): Turn on/off the Lazy Loading feature.
  • Publish: The final action when you’re done with all the above settings.



More actions

Clicking on the three-dot button shows you more settings for previewing and sharing.


View Live page

Click on this button to see your live page.

For Product Pages and Collection Pages, the live page follows its assigned template. To learn more about the assignment feature, please check out these articles.


View with Current Template

Pick a product or collection you want to view with the template you're editing. This action will not change the assigned template of the product or collection.


Save Template to Library

Save the template to My Library to use it on another template, or transfer it to another store. For more information, please visit this article.


Schedule Publish

Set a date and time for your page to be published. This feature is available for the Advanced plan only.

Step 1: Click on the three-dot icon and select Publish Schedule

Step 2: A new window will pop up, select your wanted date to publish the page.

You also have the option to make this page the default before publishing.

Step 3: Hit “Apply”, after a few seconds, the Publish button will be replaced with the “Scheduled” label to remind you, and you will receive an email sent to your registered address, stating that the page has been scheduled for publishing.



Page Settings

Check out this article to learn more about Page Settings.

That's every action there is to your page! Check out more articles here to master GemPages in no time.

Should you need any further assistance, please feel to reach out to our GemPages Support Team via email or live chat.


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