Introduction to GemPages Global Style

In this article, we’ll run through everything you need to know about GemPages' new feature - Global Style

About GemPages Global Style

GemPages Global Style feature is designed to help you define a consistent style for specific sections/ elements across your webpage. 

The more pages we create, the more difficult it is to maintain the same level of design consistency. Using Global Style for your pages can save you time while giving your website a professional appearance.

Global Style Preset

The Global Style preset comes with a wide range of design settings that allow you to customize and save in minutes. After that, you can apply them to any part of your website. Once a preset has been applied, the page design is controlled by the preset.


For example, to achieve the same style for all Heading throughout your page, you can customize the preset settings instead of manually editing each heading. 


Whenever you modify and save the preset settings, it will be automatically reflected on all associated pages. Thus, it will make your work faster and ensure consistency in style. 

Let’s say you want all your Heading to have an underlined and italic type. Simply update the Text style on the preset and hit "Update." Your associated pages’ Headings will be modified accordingly.


Besides changing styles on the preset settings, you still have the option to customize each element individually by the element settings, as previously.

Using GemPages, you will have three options to create a new preset:

  • From Live theme: The available styles will be imported from the Homepage of your published theme to create a new preset.
  • From a specific page: You will have the option to customize the page as you want. Next, the available styles on this page will be imported to create a new preset.
  • Create a new custom preset: Create a new preset from predefined styles.


Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to manage the basic settings of a preset with GemPages. 

How to access the Global Style

There are 2 options for you to access the Global Style feature.


Step 1: From the GemPages Dashboard, select your preferred template to access the Editor

Step 2: Click on the Global Style tab at the top of the right sidebar. 



After that, you will see the list of all presets available here. Click to open the Preset Details. 


If you open a page that hasn’t been applied to any Global Style preset yet, you also can find another option to access the Global Style as below. 

Step 1: From the GemPages Dashboard, select your preferred template to access the Editor. Next, locate a text-based element such as Heading, Text Block, etc.  In this example, we'll use the Heading element. Next, click on the element to reveal the configurations on the left sidebar.

Step 2: Select the Text style or Text color under the Typography section. You will see the option “Setup Global Style.” Click on it to be directed to the Global Style tab.



That's a glance at the Global Style feature. For detailed instructions on how to customize the preset, refer to this article.


If you run into any problems when using the Global Styles, please get in touch with our customer support via email or live chat.

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