How to create a Collection page with GemPages?

This article will show you how to use GemPages to create a high-converting Collection page.

What is a collection page?

A Collection page is a page on an eCommerce site that lists the products within a collection. Visitors can browse the collection page to see the collection items, then click through to explore a specific product.

Create a new collection

Before we start building a collection page, you will need to create a collection from your Shopify Admin first since GemPages will pull the collection information there. 


Step 1: From your Shopify Admin, go to Products > Collections. Click on “Create collection”



Step 2: Input a title and description for the collection. In the Collection type section, click on "Manual".



Hit “Save” when finished. 


Step 3: Navigate to the Products section and locate your preferred product. Add the collection for the product.



Hit “Save” when finished. 

How to create a collection page with GemPages?

Step 1: From the GemPages Dashboard, click on "Collection pages" from the list on your left sidebar. You will see the option “Create New Template” in the top right corner.



Step 2: You should see various pre-built templates to create your collection page in minutes. Select your preferred template and hit “Start editing.”



Otherwise, if you already have an idea to design your page, you can start editing from a blank page by selecting “Create New Page.”

Assign a collection to a specific template

After creating a collection page, you also need to assign one or multiple collections to that template to make it go live. Click here for a detailed tutorial. 

Checklist for a Collection page

The Collection Module comes with various child elements to display collection properties. Defined by the (C) prefix, these child elements must be placed inside the Collection Page to work properly. 

Collection banner

A Collection Banner element is designed to help you show a big banner on your collection page. It’s a great way to draw visitors’ attention or keep them updated on your promotion or announcement.



Product List

The Product List is an essential element designed to demonstrate a collection of products on your page. The element draws information from your Shopify collection created previously to show on your pages. Unlike the child elements of the Collection Module, the Product list can be placed on any page without any problem. 



Collection Toolbar

The Collection Toolbar element allows you to add the sort and filter feature on your collection page. 



In case you prefer more advanced search and filter features, we recommend Smart Search and Instant Search, or Product Filter & Search apps that are seamlessly integrated with GemPages. However, please be aware that if you use a third-party app for the search and filter function on your collection pages, the app’s product list will be displayed instead of GemPages Product List.  


The Paginator element lets you break up the product list into different pages. It gives your customers a convenient way to browse through the list and quickly return to the products they’re interested in.



If you're interested in learning more about powerful, user-friendly GemPages, feel free to explore the Help Center or get in touch with our delicate customer support via email or live chat.

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