How to format text with the Text Block element

In this article, we're going to learn how to style and organize your text for clearer communication.

How To Set The Font Style To Bold, Italic, And Underlined

You can quickly style the text with the quick tool. Just click on any part of the Text Block, the quick tool will show up right away. You can style the text with Bold (B), Italic (I), and Underlined (U).



How To Add A Hyperlink 

Also on the quick tool, you should see a hyperlink icon. Then kindly > Highlight the text and click the hyperlink icon > insert the link you would like to redirect your customers to.

How To Create A Number Or Bullet List

You can easily organize a paragraph with numbers or a bullet list.  



That's all! Please click the Text Block Element for further information or get in touch with our enthusiastic support team for more assistance! 

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