How to use the Contact Form element

In this article, you will learn about Contact Form elements and how to use them to create highly converting pages.

What is the Contact Form Element? 

Contact Form is designed to receiving messages and collecting emails from your customers. With contact forms, you can generate leads, make sales and conversions, and understand your audience better. Contact Form elements allow you to customize the information you want to gather such as name, phone number, email, and so on.


You can quickly find the element on the left sidebar of the editor page.

Child elements of Contact Form include Email Field, Text Field, Text Area, Dropdown, Checkbox, and Submit Button. 
Child-contact-form elements should be dragged into a Contact Form element to be able to work.



Settings Tab's Parameters 

  • Submit Callback URL: It allows you to redirect to the page you want after customers submit the form. You can choose a particular page by entering the link of the page or picking one of the existing pages manually. 

  • Success Message: The text message will appear once customers fill in and hit the Submit button. Besides, you can edit the confirmation message and color of the text in the way you prefer. 

  • Error Message: Customers will receive a notification if there are any mistakes in the process of filling and submitting the form. You can also customize the content and the color of the text of the Error Message.


Common inquiries of Contact Form element 

  • Where can I view the contact form submission? 
    Your contact form sends all submissions to the Customer email address of your store. You can change the customer email address in the General Settings of your Shopify admin. 

  • After creating and testing the Contact Form, I received this error message: “Can not send the email. Please try again later” 
    Several reasons could lead to the issue and the most typical one is the lack of an Email Field and a Submit Button. Even though the Email Feild and Submit Button are indispensable to a Contact form.

People increasingly have a low attention span today, so make sure you use a decent Contact Form plugin for your site. These will improve not only your site's outlook, but will also give you enormous opportunities to gain happier clients.  Don't hesitate to get in touch with Gempages technical support team if you have any confusion to create a unique and gorgeous-looking Contact Form on your website. 

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